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Leonard J. Lehrman: Works for Guitar

List of Works (by Opus Number) for Guitar
of Leonard J. Lehrman,
as of Feb. 1, 2006

PrC = score available in Professional Composer
AMC = score available at American Music Center
op. 6 #2 When I am Dead, My Dearest (Christina Rossetti) (3') 1964 for Soprano
(or, transcribed, for Mezzo) and Piano, 1964 PrC AMC
recorded on Capstone #CPS-8647: "Helene Williams sings Songs of Love"
op. 6 #2A arr. for accompaniment by 2 Guitars & obbligato Flute 3/82
not yet performed
op. 12. Sonnetina #1 for (Mezzo)-Soprano and Piano
(sonnet by Marilyn Siegel (Smith)) (4') 1966-67
op. 12A. Arrangement for Soprano (or Tenor), Flute and Guitar, 7/69;
+ Cello obbligato 3/80 AMC
prem. w/ Soprano, Indiana University 2/29/76 broadcast by WBAI 3/79;
also perf. Heidelberg 5/13/80; prem. w/ Tenor, Basel, 5/10/81;
engraved for publication by Editions aux guitarres, Basel
[but then they went out of business]
op. 45. Sonnetina #5 (Shakespeare#18: "Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer's Day?")
(3'30") Spring 1978
for voice w/Viola
or A Clarinet or (45A) Harp or (45B) Guitar or (45C) Marimba AMC
prem. w/Viola Ithaca Performers' Club 7/28/79
prem. w/Clarinet Steinway N.Y.City 3/11/79
prem. w/Harp Ithaca Music Club 2/26/79
version with guitar not yet performed
op. 49. Two Songs on Texts by Leigh Hunt 2/79 PrC AMC
1) Jenny Kissed Me, for Baritone (1') 5/78
(or, 1A, transcribed, for Bass - perf. 7/21/80 Augsburg)
and String Trio or Piano or (1B) Guitar, Cello & obbligato Flute
2) Abou Ben Adhem, for Voice and Piano or (2A) Flute, Cello & Guitar (3'38")
prem. together Ithaca Music Club 2/26/79, Steinway N.Y.City 3/11/79
recorded on Capstone #CPS-8667: "Helene Williams sings More Songs of Love"
version with guitar not yet performed
56. Spiele (Peter Maiwald, in German, or in English, translation by composer)
(2') Spring 1980 AMC
for Soprano/Tenor with Piano/Clarinet/Marimba/Guitar
prem. by Soprano & Piano: Elizabeth Parcells & composer, Augsburg 7/21/80
prem. w/Clarinet: Deborah Cook & David Glaser, Radio Brussels, Spring 1981
prem. w/Tenor: Klaus Neumcke & composer, Berlin 7/14-15/85
prem. by Soprano & Guitar: Beth Griffith & Oren Fader,
The Composer's Voice, Vox Novus, at Collective Unconscious, Manhattan 11/1/05
65. Sonnetina #6 (e.e. cummings: "Next to of course god") for Voice & Guitar/Piano
(5') 2/82 AMC
not yet performed
66. Sonnetina #7 (Christina Rossetti: "Remember Me When I Am Gone Away")
(4') 4/82 AMC
for Soprano Solo or (op. 66A) Soprano-Tenor Duet
with Piano or Flute & Guitar (+ Cello obbligato) [or for Bass
& Piano]
duet prem. 8/16/90 - Chelsea Center, E. Norwich -
Charles Osborne & Helene Williams
solo prem. 1/6/91 - Vladeck Auditorium, Bronx - Helene Williams
also perf. LICA 5/29/92, 2/5/95
recorded on Capstone #CPS-8647: "Helene Williams sings Songs of Love"
version with guitar not yet performed
69. A March for Ben & Mary Beth (text: Mary Beth Armes)
for Voice & Guitar (1') 1983 AMC
prem. by Mary Beth Armes & Benjamin Bunch, Spain, Summer 1985
U.S. prem. by Beth Griffith & Oren Fader,
Vox Novus, Collective Unconscious, Manhattan 11/1/05